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HELP!Technical Questions, Forum Help, and Silly Suggestions..... no, we can't help you with your taxes or finding your left shoe.16 Topics · 53 PostsLast post in Avatar by Charlie Ann1 year ago
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The International CafeCoffee, Chocolate, Chatting, .... just hangin out shootin' the shit25 Topics · 54 PostsLast post in Thousands in need of emergency rel … by maddtom9 months ago
Life, the Universe and EverythingLast post
Informed ParentingFrom Pregnancy to Childbirth, Toddlers to Teens, avoiding Big Pharma and Asking the Big questions52 Topics · 68 PostsLast post in Vaccine immunity & natural immunit … by maddtom7 months agoSubforums: Vaccines · Special Needs kids · Pregnancy & Childbirth
Living Au NaturelEverything from getting back to nature to living off grid,11 Topics · 26 PostsLast post in Crochet Basics - Lesson 1 by Belinda Baker1 year ago
Inventive MindsFreeing the mind to create new technologies5 Topics · 8 PostsLast post in Forgetting actually makes you smar … by Deb Matz1 year ago
Return to HealthEmpowered Health, Alternative Healing, and Balancing the Body40 Topics · 72 PostsLast post in Evidence-based health benefits of … by Rivet1 year ago
Feeding and Freeing the mindHome Schooling and UnSchooling, and teaching old dogs new tricks14 Topics · 23 PostsLast post in Note to parents: Safe spaces are f … by maddtom1 year ago
The Mandela EffectLast post
Historical ME'sHistory is writen by the Victor.... yet seems to be getting re-writen every day.4 Topics · 17 PostsLast post in US Army Uses Swastika Patch by JustShirley1 year ago
Biblical/Religious ME'sLions vs Wolves & trespasses vs debts....0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
No topics yet!
Personal WTF ExperiencesWhere is my left shoe? Why is my fence blue? Is this street new? WTF did I do?17 Topics · 47 PostsLast post in Dolores Cannon on Parallel Univers … by Rozzanna1 year ago
Media, Hollywood, and Corporate ME'sIsn't he dead? That's not what she said!12 Topics · 20 PostsLast post in Presidents Park? by Deb Matz1 year ago
WTF is the Mandela Effect anyway?... no really! I wanna know!1 Topic · 5 PostsLast post in TIme warps.... by Dazey23221 year ago
Working GroupsLast post
Heavy metal detox working groupGetting rid of the toxic shit in our bodies from Chemtrails and vaccines and other nasty crap!5 Topics · 35 PostsLast post in Diatomaceous Earth by jay gray1 year ago
Dreams in the MatrixLast post
The DreamworldLucid dreaming, psychic flashes, astral projections, remote viewing, seeing within, and the energetic woo woos!12 Topics · 35 PostsLast post in flying dreams by Rivet1 year ago
The ConstructLast post
In the News....... all the bullshit, all the time!245 Topics · 312 PostsLast post in Judge Again Dismisses 'Clock Boy' … by maddtom7 months ago
The Illusion of Politics, "Law" and FinanceDiscussions for those battling the beast in the arenas of pretend justice, financial fraud, and basic bullshittery104 Topics · 129 PostsLast post in Leftists blown away in Texas prima … by maddtom8 months ago
Science & Technologywhat new fuckery has been "invented" this time?86 Topics · 108 PostsLast post in Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller dest … by maddtom9 months ago
Solar, Sky and Schumann WatchFrequency spikes, Solar Flares, Geomagnetic Storms, Bizarre Clouds and where the hell did the Moon wander off to?42 Topics · 101 PostsLast post in An Aurora Called 'Steve'? Strange … by leoni1 year ago
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