“The Mandela Effect” Movie discussion with the UnFuckers

  If you haven’t seen David guy Levy’s newly released “the Mandela Effect” movie, you’re definitely missing out on an interesting and thought provoking experience. And if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you may not want to watch this video due to massive SPOILER ALERTS!!! This is the after movie discussion the unfuckers had….oh some VERY interesting shit get’s …

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Astrology 2.0: What the Hades is going on now?

Finally, the long awaited return of the Astrology 2.0 Show!! Today, Amina, Jules, Meghan and Dani got together to discuss the current insanity that seems to be sweeping the world. What is this planetary alignment everyone is talking about? and Eclipses? We took a good look at the financial aspect of the planets and political/agenda driven bullshit as well. And …

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Kev Baker Show, with Dani Oct 15 2019

Last night I was on The Kev Baker Show, live streamed, for two hours and oh MAN…. did we ever have a blast!!  The first of definitely many more discussions to come, that I can guarantee, and as soon as we can figure out the schedule, Kev will be on the UnFuckIt discussion as well.  

Changes to UnFuckerUnite Membership

Changes to UnFuckersUnite Membership Out with the Old, in with the New …we’re doing things differently this time! I have been ranting about the technology failures that seem to be happening all around us for months .  These continuous problems have plagued the world….and our websites.  Back in the early summer UnFuckersUnite was hit hard with some sort of  attack …

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UnFuckIt Discussion Oct 2 2019

We dove into the crazy, the woo woo, and all things in between last night! Aliens, UFOs, quantum computers, missing time, timeloops, mandela effects….. oh yes, it was a very interesting conversation!! Afterwards the Unfuckers hung out and the discussion continued and went deep into the conversation of “legal” vs “lawful”, taxation is theft, the “strawman”, where money comes from …

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