UnFuckIt Discussion, Sept 9 2020

Well darlins, the global insanity has officially reached the next level.  *dani rant warning* What the Actual Fuck?!  New UK lockdown measures, full on dictatorship in Australia…. coming to a country near you very soon!!     LINKS: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54081131?fbclid=IwAR1MasUYYqdajANTfCmX2T_BM1g_8fgOAPpCJW4zpb6hCfXaq6ntkyPFtRY https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-51176409 https://drpompa.com/health/natural-solutions-for-radiation-protection/?fbclid=IwAR2AHTLMGNmV3kGIk-NrEuJIIpEP1SA3E026Mm4q47hF6mP5ECdZKUE8dFI https://www.researchgate.net/publication/46393057_Effect_of_Melissa_officinalis_L_on_oxidative_status_and_DNA_damage_in_subjects_exposed_to_long-term_low-dose_ionizing_radiation?fbclid=IwAR2AHTLMGNmV3kGIk-NrEuJIIpEP1SA3E026Mm4q47hF6mP5ECdZKUE8dFI UnFuckIt Prepping: First Aid Kit   My personal “reset” music at the moment     Christina Ramos “audition” …

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UnFuckIt Discussion, Sept 2 2020…and the insanity ramps up

Hola Unfuckers! Hopefully the audio will work today! This reality has completely lost the plot, and more and more of the general public are waking up to the insanity, from COVID lockdowns, mass protests, arrests, the CDC trying to quietly fix the COVID numbers, …..timeline shifts, timeline loops, mandela effects, deja vu, and oh the emotional, mental and physical effects …

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UnFuckIt Discussion & Prepping, first aid

Today was a busy show!!  I’ve separated it into two videos: Opening with an short UnFuckIt Discussion- talking about this crazy weather, the wild lightning storms that have been happening- plasma discharges? Forest Fires? Exploding buildings?  Seriously insane!!   EDITED TO ADD:  Sorry everyone, I’ve tried to upload the second part of the show on First Aid Kits 3 different …

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UnFuckIt Prepping: Food and working within a tight budget

Shit is getting real….are you prepared?  I talk about “prepardness” quite often on the shows, so I decided to pull together some basic knowledge over the next few weeks.  Today we focused on basic Food Prepping and how to get prepared within a tight budget …  let’s face it, we’re all broke.  There are a bunch of things that I’ve …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion: being prepared for the next insanity

Yet another edition of as the stomach turns in 2020…. planet earth makes insanity look so easy! We had a great discussion today on a wide range of topics from the new lockdowns being put into place in various countries and cities, to the bizarre lightening and storms around the planet, to creating a new hash tag: #areyouafuckhead?, lol. There …

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Deep Immersion, Ben & Dani: Gardening in an Electric Universe

Ben Grose and dani arnold sit down to talk about gardening…. but not just any ol’ gardening discussion.  Todays topic is focused on Gardening in an Electric Universe and Grand Solar Minimum, and dealing with soil nutrient deficiencies.  What is “sun burn” vs what is dehydration vs what is a lack of nutrients.  …and of course, as usual we took …

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UnFuckIt Discussion, July 29 2020

The end of July and the Insanity continues across the world…. …I’ll let everyone know when UnFuckersUnite.com membership is ready to be relaunched and the Library is up and running!   Facebook group: Solar, Cosmic rays, & Geomagnetic effects on biology Monty’s YouTube Channel:  Wafer Thin Entertainment