UnFuckIt Discussion… the lockdown continues

Starting off with yet another epic dani rant… I wasn’t in the most “optimistic” of moods today.  We talked about the base corruption of the financial and political bullshit that has been so clearly seen during this “Pandemic” and Lockdown, and moving forward to find other solutions for those of us in small businesses and within our local communities.  …and …

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UnFuckIt Discussion: April 22 2020: The TinFoil Hat Competition

  Welcome to the UnFuckers Tin Foil Hat Competition!  Please vote in the comment section on the YouTube video!   ….Let’s talk about these crazy symptoms that everyone is currently experiencing…. Dehydration much?         https://www.space.com/16000-spy-satellites-space-telescopes-nasa.html https://www.planetary.org/blogs/guest-blogs/jason-davis/nasa-gets-two-hand-me-down.html https://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/06/05/military_gives_telescopes_to_nasa/  

Transpicuous News Global Updates April 16-18 2020

COVID19 Global Updates April 16-18 2020 USA: New York sees lowest Covid-19 death toll in April, but reopening would require ‘ARMY’ for contact tracing and more tests FINANCE: Possibly ‘deepest since Great Depression’: UN chief Guterres warns about pandemic-induced economic downturn Japan: ‘Cash to all people’: Japan’s govt offers $930 virus stimulus payment Live Coronavirus US live: growing stay-at-home protests …

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Is this why we are here?

During all of this insanity, during all the confusion, the anger, the fear, the grief, and the pain…. people are waking up faster than we’ve ever seen before. Stand up “truthers”, “unfuckers” “way showers” and “seed planters!! We are needed now more than ever, and we need to be CALM to do this job!