UnFuckIt Discussion: May 22 2019

I hope you have your science brain firmly installed for this episode of the UnFuckIt discussion, as we went deep down into the magnetics/electrical connections between planets, the geomagnetic insanity that is currently going on on our planet, and a whole lot of other pretty interesting side subjects- like everyone feeling extremely dehydrated! I was joined by Ben, and Jules …

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UnFuckIt Discussion May 15 2019

What a wild wild week!  Extreme geomagnetic and cosmic fuckery- and the agencies are doing their best to block the info from the public.  Extreme political fuckery. Extreme weather fuckery.  Extreme emotional, physical, mental fuckery….. Seriously, what reality is this shit?  And if it’s real at all, what is the distraction?            

Transpicuous views Astrology 2.0 May 4 2019

Once again we assembled the Astrology team for the next edition of Astrology 2.0…. May the fourth be with us all! BRILLIANT discussion today!!  Amina, Jules, Meghan and I rode this roller coaster all over the place!!  We looked at the financial cycles of the planets, from the beginning of Usury, to the Rothschilds, political upheavals and revolutions, and the …

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UnFuckIt Discussion May 1 2019

Last night on the UnFuckIt discussion, I opened up with a geomagnetic update of some of the absolutely crazy stuff that has been showing up in the magnetopause and magnetosphere for the past week, culminating yesterday in some massive blasts of energy hitting earth. We also got into the insanity of the mandatory vaccine push that’s happening globally, 5G rollout, …

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Transpicuous Views May 1 2019: Mandatory Vaccines, 5G and global insanity

    This morning Ann Callaghan and I were chatting on Zoom and got into the topic of todays current bedlam, the huge push for Mandatory Vaccinations, 5G Roll out, new laws in Canada and UK to enable the government to censor social media, and all the rest of the current political insanity that is happening at the moment. d …

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