Transpicuous Views Oct 26 2018- Dani & Ann

  Ann Callaghan and I sat down to have a chat today… I’m very glad that I was recording! We discussed several topics, including: the younger generations and their “disconnection” from what is going on, the idea that this isn’t the first time this “event” has been attempted, and the overwhelming programming of polarities and defensive mechanisms. d    

UnFucker Movie: Matrix Revolution

Last night the UnFuckers watched the final move of the Matrix Trilogy- Matrix Revolutions.  Again there are some very interesting pieces within the movie, especially when you watch it with a fresh perspective.  One of the most interesting parts is the final conversation between the Oracal and the Architect at the very end of the movie: Oracal: What about the …

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Transpicuous Views: What are the hiding in our sky?

  This was just a quick pre-show chat with the UnFuckers before watching “the Matrix Reloaded”.  So, with everything that has been happening over the past month or so- solar observatories shutting down suddenly, satellites going into “safe” mode, etc…. the Question on my mind is: What the fuck are they trying to hide from us in our skys/space?  

UnFuckIt Discussion, Oct 10th 2018

The UnFuckIt Discussion last night opened up with a typical D-Rant, this time about the alternative media, the programmed diversionary and division tactics that so many “Truthers” and “awake” people are falling for, hook, line & sinker… and the setting up of “story-lines” in Antarctica. Great discussion with so many UnFuckers bringing excellent points to the table to be looked …

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UnFuckers Movie: The Matrix

Last night the UnFuckers watched the movie The Matrix…. and I mean really WATCHED it.  This movie is one of the few of this genre that has stood the test of time, not just visually, but in it’s core storyline.  Every time you watch it, another piece becomes clear and more questions come to the surface.  Over the next 2 …

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UnFuckIt Discussion, Oct 3 2018

A brilliant discussion last night with the UnFuckers, centered mostly around health and healing, the quantum effect of consciousness and “intent”, C60 fullerenes and the interview with Anthony Peake talking about “buckyballs” and the double slit experiment (ground breaking research- video below!), and healing modalities and removing our self/ego and allowing energy and healing to flow where it’s needed without …

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