UnFuckers Movie Night: Annihilation

Last night the UnFuckers watched a Netflix original movie from earlier in 2018- Annihilation (with Natalie Portman). WARNING: this movie does have some graphic scenes and quite a few jump scare moments! This is our post movie discussion. d    

UnFuckIt Discussion July 25th 2018

  The Discussion started off with me declaring that words like “weird”, “strange”, “bizarre” and “crazy” no longer were descriptive enough to define the insanity going on around us lately.  We need some next level words to reflect the bizarro world that is play out right now, lol.  Extreme weather and very weird sky events  was our opening topic, leading …

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The Air Force’s $1200 toilet seat… I mean, cup of coffee

Latest article from Zerohedge…. there are no words really…. Meet The Air Force’s $1200 Cup Of Coffee Meet the Air Force’s $1200 cup of coffee — or more precisely the $1220 coffee cup which keeps breaking, after which the military simply buys more and more cups. … If it sounds too absurd to be true a new Air Force Times report begins as follows: …

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UnFuckIt Discussion, July 4th 2018

  Solar radiation, galactic cosmic rays, UVA/B, geomagnetics, electrical fields, equatorial regions, chemtrails, CERN, the frequencies of light…. or the light of frequencies…. Yea…. it was one of “those” discussions!!   d         Some interesting articles to note: http://www.ibtimes.com/sun-may-be-dimming-nasa-confirm-declining-luminosity-using-spacexs-payload-2629453 https://astronomynow.com/2018/07/04/nustar-x-ray-telescope-shows-eta-carinae-source-of-cosmic-rays/          

Deep Immersion, Ben & Dani, July 2 2018

Ben was having a brain blast this morning about magnetics and the electrical aspect of water/energy/plasma… the earth’s core, our blood, and just who’s fuckin DNA are they chemtrailing us with?!? d     https://www.etymonline.com/word/fire