Transpicuous Views June 25 2017: Loops & Cycles

Further to, and hugely expanding on last weeks Transpicuous Views show and the UnFuckIt Discussion…. Did we just “loop”?  Are we, on some strange level, looped back to 2013?   Today’s TV show we dig into this discussion about “Loops” and “Cycles” and the experiences that many people have had, and are having right now, that coincide with events of …

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Controlling “Normal”: Programmed to Obey

Control, Control, Control.  It’s not just about the ridiculous “Laws” that are being created to take away your Rights & Freedoms, but the controlling of society so that the people control the people through the use of media, social media, public opinion, your neighbors, teachers, family and friends. “Normal” is what everyone is programmed to want to attain:  a “Normal …

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Transpicuous News June 23 2017: US Legal system hits a new level of stupidity

This time the US Legal system has hit an all time record of stupidity!!  I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor before I could even record this report!!   USS Reagan crew can sue Japanese company over Fukushima nuclear disaster – court Published time: 23 Jun, 2017 04:26Edited time: 23 Jun, 2017 08:31 Get short URL …

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TV June 19th…. The After Show Discussion!!

*CUT!!* … and then the After Show Discussion began. Lots more info and some great insights. We’ll dig into this topic some more on this weeks UnFuckIt Discussion with the UnFuckers on Wednesday June 21 at 10pm Central European Time- 4pm Eastern. love d