We've moved to the UK!

…not just us, but our servers too.  Because of this current insanity globally, and the “lock down” we haven’t been able to get things “back to normal” as quickly as we had planned.  We are currently not Live Streaming shows, but that will return as soon as possible.

At the moment we are doing shows on Wednesday and Sunday Afternoons at 3pm (UK time= GMT), and the zoom link to attend is posted in the UU groups 30 minutes ahead of time.

This website and our shows are supported by donations only. If you’d like to make a contribution to help support us, please click the “Donate” button at the top left side of this page

RTS Earth is the platform for Removing the Shackles, Transpicuous News, The UnFuckIt Discussion and several other shows. All of our articles and video content posted on RTS are openly available to everyone.

We no longer have our Monthly and Yearly Memberships, and are asking members to make regular donations to support RTS Earth, UnFuckers Unite, UU Business group, the shows and discussions.

UU Members are invited to join our Live audience in the Zoom conference room, to take part in the Live Chat and be involved in the discussions.  

Recent Shows & Articles

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The end of July and the Insanity continues across the world…. …I’ll let everyone know when UnFuckersUnite.com membership is ready to be relaunched and the Library is up and running!…

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Astrology 2:0, Mid Summer Madness

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UnFuckIt Discussion, June 24 2020

Crazy energy, Crazy times, Crazy discussion!!!  We went all over the place in this weeks UnFuckIt discussion, from the epic energetic sideswipe that seem to slam a lot of people…

UnFuckit Discussion May 13….I guess?

Welcome to “As the lockdown continues”, in this weeks episode, the UnFuckers express their disbelief in our current reality, while Dani rants about the insane soap opera that is playing…