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Welcome to RTS Earth!Last post
Forum DecorumRead me first.....It's the Rules!
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Announcementshear ye here ye!!!!
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HELP!Technical Questions, Forum Help, and Silly Suggestions..... no, we can't help you with your taxes or finding your left shoe.
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RTS Earth CommunitiesLast post
USASubforums: Idaho · Michigan · Indiana · North Carolina · Kansas · Utah
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TexasBy Carla Suter3 days ago
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EuropeSubforums: Germany · Ireland · France · Finland
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eBy Kicky5 days ago
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The International CafeCoffee, Chocolate, Chatting, .... just hangin out shootin' the shit
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Life, the Universe and EverythingLast post
Informed ParentingFrom Pregnancy to Childbirth, Toddlers to Teens, avoiding Big Pharma and Asking the Big questionsSubforums: Vaccines · Special Needs kids · Pregnancy & Childbirth
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Living Au NaturelEverything from getting back to nature to living off grid,
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Inventive MindsFreeing the mind to create new technologies
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Return to HealthEmpowered Health, Alternative Healing, and Balancing the Body
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Feeding and Freeing the mindHome Schooling and UnSchooling, and teaching old dogs new tricks
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The Mandela EffectLast post
Historical ME'sHistory is writen by the Victor.... yet seems to be getting re-writen every day.
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Biblical/Religious ME'sLions vs Wolves & trespasses vs debts....
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Personal WTF ExperiencesWhere is my left shoe? Why is my fence blue? Is this street new? WTF did I do?
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Media, Hollywood, and Corporate ME'sIsn't he dead? That's not what she said!
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WTF is the Mandela Effect anyway?... no really! I wanna know!
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TIme warps....By Blair Bierman1 day ago
Working GroupsLast post
Heavy metal detox working groupGetting rid of the toxic shit in our bodies from Chemtrails and vaccines and other nasty crap!
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Dreams in the MatrixLast post
The DreamworldLucid dreaming, psychic flashes, astral projections, remote viewing, seeing within, and the energetic woo woos!
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The ConstructLast post
In the News....... all the bullshit, all the time!
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The Illusion of Politics, "Law" and FinanceDiscussions for those battling the beast in the arenas of pretend justice, financial fraud, and basic bullshittery
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Science & Technologywhat new fuckery has been "invented" this time?
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Solar, Sky and Schumann WatchFrequency spikes, Solar Flares, Geomagnetic Storms, Bizarre Clouds and where the hell did the Moon wander off to?
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