Transpicuous Views: Dimensions, Timelines & Spheres

I recorded this conversation April 7 2017 with Denice and “Stan”.  Prior to this conversation were several chats and a massive amount of information that, for me, stemmed from a particularly interesting article which I will post below the video.  Along with the Chat log from Denice and I’s conversations that spanned a couple of […]

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Transpicuous Views: The Matrix Construct, with Randy Maugans

In This episode of Transpicuous View I have Randy Maugans, from Off Planet Radio with me to discuss “The Construct”. We look through several theories from the idea of a computer simulation/hologram, to an actual physical construct, using the “Mandela Effect” (Toto Effect/ WTF Effect) as the benchmark, or physical “symptom”, if you will, that […]

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