Common Unity Nov 5: Deep Immersions

Image result for self education“We don’t live in the age of Standardization, we live in the age of Customization”

Welcome to the Age of Self Education!

Common Unity with Ben Grose and Dani Arnold McKenny is finally back again!  Last night Ben and I did our usual hop, jumping and skipping through many topics, from the discussion of “Levity”, the history of corporate Trusts, the common dates that keep reappearing throughout time (“time”), but the conversation kept coming back to our initial discussion about “Self Education”.

We know the existing system of education is nothing more than an instituted control structure, but even the main stream is beginning to recognized that the current education system is antiquated and outdated, having not had a single “operating system” update in over 100 years.  Besides the blatant control mechanism that tries to push every peg into the one-size-fits-all square hole, to create mindless drones that cannot think outside of this box, the actual mechanics, the foundations of “Learning” are no longer valid in this new age of “Customization”.  Now, more than ever before, it is vital for us to find our “Tribe”, dive deep into the immersion of “observation” and take full responsibility for educating OUR SELVES.



The Wheel Of Modern Education | Gautam Khetrapal

Gautam Khetrapal, a Mindvalley team member from India, talks about how to challenge traditional education and instead design your own degree and your own educational path. This is eye-opening.

Posted by Mindvalley on Wednesday, November 1, 2017