Related imageJC sent me a link to this document yesterday and I decided to repost the entire PDF, as it is a kind of focus on all that we are seeing now!  I highly recommend reading this in it’s entirety, but I’m going to  copy a few paragraphs that jump out for me, and probably will for you as well!



The Reinforcement of our Key Strategy (OKEYS)
Internal Report prepared for M2 by RA13 v.1.01
Completed May 5th (updated June 27th) 1965
Ref. OKEYS – Operation Code Nightfall
Strictly classified & Top Secret UMBRA
[Eyes only: L1/2. Kill stop ex. level]
Document requested by M2, April 18th 1965


The purpose of this UMBRA paper is to gather together all previous known
discussion and every possible further influence and person which is a party (or
potentially so) to our Key Strategy (OKEYS) in the final achievement of total
world dominion (i.e. the establishing of an autocracy under a single world
leader under MRY, to be accepted willingly by all as “good and necessary” for a
secure world — all to be accomplished, if all goes to plan, by the year 2020
(Code Nightfall). Only then will the order of this world be as it should and
thereby prepared universally for the framework of MRY’s planned after-action
(Code Daybreak)…..

…. Through the media of these elements on both
sides of the Atlantic we can create an entire global “New Age Movement”
experiment in mind-control (field codename: NAME).
After Swedenborg, Mesmer, Blavatsky, Besant, Jung, Steiner, Huxley (all of
them) and Bailey had been successfully influenced (by MRY’s back-channels) to
pave the way for the disinformation concept of a glorious “New Age” coming
4 | P a g e
imminently on earth as part of evolution (and the two Great Wars had been
successfully expedited and the mass of remaining Nazi scientists and mindcontrol
specialists had been secretly absorbed into our own ranks through Allen
Dulles’s prescient Operation Paperclip), the work of our own people in
manufacturing this “New Age Movement” could begin in earnest. In this way, not
only will we eradicate the anti-war movement but we can completely subvert the
present and future rising generations with an anesthetic so potent that it
brings them all into our hands, while at the same time inculcating them to
imagine that they are part of “a cosmic wave of transformational culture”.

In the first instance, we will use our known contacts to infiltrate these
dissidents with a massive campaign (LAD-25) involving the use of Lysergic Acid
Diethylamide 25 (LSD). This should not be a localized affair but moving to
nationwide, though commencing in California. Once under the influence, they will
lose their interest in rebellion and dissent and become the perfect subjects for
one of our Technical Services Staff’s street-level MK————— programs. (N.B.
Gottlieb has been consulted and will be involved. Likewise, our psychedelic
asset, Humphry Osmond, in NJ)…..

….The creation of a “New Age Movement” (although seen by its participants as a
spontaneous development, in much the same way as those involved in the
revolutions we create imagine themselves to be partaking in unprompted people’s
revolts) will be a step-by-step formation leading to the complete subversion of
the liberal masses away from meddling in politics to another sphere of activity
altogether: an imagined spiritual enlightenment. This will have a twofold
advantage. First, it will prevent any credible opposition to our work and,
second, it will render these people to be as manipulable by the influence of MRY
and his back-channels as if they were a feather in the wind. People who are
obsessed with yoga and meditation 24/7 and plugging into “transformational
energies” in a multitude of workshops while believing that anything “political”
is of a “lower vibrational order” are hardly going to concern themselves with
how we induce riots, fan the flames of war or whether or not it is we who take
down skyscrapers with airplanes or blow up buses and buildings to further our
own ends.
Over in Columbia University, a plan is being hatched to create a “New Age”
bible which will become the standard by which all others will be judged. This
enterprise will form a vital part of our complete control of minds for
generations to come. Our asset on the ground at Columbia, Bill Thetford, has
been assigned as the handler of the female subject who has long been programmed
to follow the back-channel bidding of MRY. (Her programming was originally set
in motion many years earlier as preparation for this assignment). A number of
titles have been suggested round the table here and the favorite one to
materialize, “A Course in Miracles”, will be projected into that situation via
suggestion and entity-influence during the next few months.
During our many in-house “Group R” discussions as to how this “New Age
Movement” experiment can be most efficiently fashioned and honed over the next
half century, six particular doctrines have repeatedly been raised for us to
propagate among their ranks: 1) That there is no such thing as truth and that
everything is relative; 2) That what we see in others is really what is in us,
therefore any problem that we see “out there” can only ever be in us; 3) That we
should never judge the personality or actions of others; 4) That there is no
5 | P a g e
such thing as right and wrong, dark or light, or good and evil; 5) Positive
thinking must be 100% encouraged and any traces of negativity of thought or
action must be absolutely eliminated from the life and mind of the self; 6) That
the world will undergo a “transformational shift of energy” through their
individual and collective meditations and positive thinking, leading seamlessly
and without cataclysm or conflagration to a golden new age on earth…..

….Let me expand a little on those above six teachings and why we need to
encourage them in the New Age Movement experiment we are building:
1) If there is no absolute truth, then there is no truth for them to bother
seeking. This will circumvent any research on their part which would be
likely to uncover the scope of our work. Moreover, at the very least, it
will ensure that they regard any “conspiracy theories” as being only one
of many possible “truths” rather than THE truth. This will mean that any
such theories directed at our programs and work will be regarded by them
as inconsequential.
2) If what they see in others is really what is in themselves (as part of
the pure Solipsism we will seek to evoke in the movement), then they can
never cast aspersions on us or our work without it boomeranging back onto
them. They can hardly accuse us of “evil” if what they see in us is what
is really in them.
3) If they must never judge others (because, as we will have them say, “we
are all one”) then they will surely not judge us. Neither will they judge
any of our agents or assets or programs or operations. They will be told
that judgment is spiritually incorrect. As someone who we will make into
one of their heroes has said (though the Dalai Lama is, in fact, an
actual agent of ours): “Love is the absence of judgment”. We couldn’t
have said it any better ourselves. The love-children will not be judging
us. The perfect cover for our work to remain undetected and undisturbed.
4) If there is no such thing as right and wrong, dark or light, or good and
evil and everything simply “is”, then we have a free hand to carry out
whatever measures we deem fit without having to worry about any moral
backlash coming from a sizeable part of the population (supposedly the
more educated part). This will be self-policing because as soon as anyone
in the movement claims that something is “wrong” or “dark” or “evil”,
they will be hauled back into line by their own peers and reminded that
“all matter is neutral”.
5) If they must only ever hold positive ideas and never entertain for a
moment any negative ones, then we can do anything we deem necessary for
the furtherance of OKEYS and not a word will ever be said by them against
it. Any of the subject-matter typical of conspiracy theories will be
regarded by them as “negative” and likely to “generate bad energy” in the
life of anyone looking into such things. We must inculcate in them the
idea that the “bad energy” lies not in anything we might do but in those
who might try to uncover anything that we do. Millions upon millions of
people under the spell of this teaching will be the perfect fodder for
the kind of easily-controllable population we are creating: ignorant (yet
imagining they are full of knowledge); self-obsessed (yet professing
goodwill to all and constantly massaging their own egos); contending to
6 | P a g e
know reality (yet lost in an imaginary world of their own making);
professing to be full of compassion (yet hiding their eyes from all
evil); claiming to be happy (yet, in reality, they are merely
anesthetized, self-hypnotized and devoid of genuine emotion). Surely,
this will be our perfect work.
6) The coupling of that positive thinking idea with the notion that together
they can generate enough “higher vibrational energy” to transform the
world into a spiritual utopia will be the perfect combination to offset
any possibility of them conceiving what is really happening, or going to
be happening, on this earth. Even more advantageous is the fact that it
will be a self-policing experiment, because anyone among their ranks who
dares to point out how the world is descending into the necessarily
chaotic, totalitarian quagmire which we will create in order to control
its people will be regarded as breaking rank from the pool of positive
energy and therefore a traitor of sorts to be afraid of, derided and
shunned. (The interesting reality will be that those “non-judgmental
people” will be the most hypocritically-judgmental of all when they are
on their high-horses or feel threatened)….

Over the past twenty years (especially after the scientific bounty we
received from the Nazi leftovers through Operation Paperclip), we have had the
opportunity to develop some considerable techniques of mind-control, all with
the blessing of Congress (at least in terms of what we reveal to them). Although
in the near future we may have to visibly close these programs down due to the
content seeming to be controversial to an ignorant public, they will continue
unabated on a clandestine level and with an even more far-reaching agenda in the
years to come. Senators and other officials will tacitly approve of them and
even funnel funds to us in other ways because they will personally benefit from
these programs (e.g. the mind-controlled sex-slaves, adult and child, that we
procure for them and the covert asset support we provide for their campaigns,
etc.). This, in turn, will also increase the hold we have over them. All this we
have outlined in previous papers, such as ”Ownership of Mind” (RA13) and
“Handling Assets” (RA18)….

In order to maintain the upper hand in terms of social control, our first
strategy will always be DISTRACTION. Distraction serves two purposes, in that it
is both preventative and proactive. It prevents subjects from questioning their
position in this world as an owned slave (body and mind). It also prevents them
from ever connecting any dots and tracing them back to us or to our antecedents. …

…Owning, as we do, all the media available for distraction, our role in that
department is all-encompassing. There is no end to the distractions we can
create, control and/or influence, such as:
 A plethora of vapid and vacuous women’s magazines filled with makeup and
fashion advice (even for feminists).
 Movies and Oscar ceremonies full of empty glitterati to mesmerize the masses.
(As we already own Hollywood this will easily be achieved).
 A host of celebrities to beguile the masses with their worthless trivia. (We
will own these celebrities because of their sexual, social and occult
proclivities, which we will also be feeding).
 Obscure hobbyist’s magazines. (As well as creating them we can also purchase
others to suit our purposes or place one of our assets in editorship).
 A multitude of newspapers offering the scant material we have deemed to be
newsworthy. (Soon all the media will be in the hands of a few corporations
which we will either own through fronts or own through the compromised
position of the editors/CEOs).
 A variety of vulgar television game-shows.
 A concatenation of carefully marketed music ‘pop’ and ‘rock’ groups to seduce
the young into the hypnotic wasteland of idolization and decadence. (As we
already control the music industry and the organized crime which bankrolls it,
this will easily be achieved).
 The worthless bathos of national and presidential elections. (We always get
the presidents, prime ministers and parties we want. Although they have no
power, they provide a conveniently distracting theatre for the masses who
think that they do).
 International incidents which we can blow out of all proportion in the media
we own.
 A growing number of increasingly alarming terrorist groups (we control them
all and must continue to do so).
 We can even – through our worldwide assets — create outwardly serious,
whistleblowing documentaries/reports in which we will carefully uncover just
enough to satisfy the desires of a meddlesome “truthseeker” but never enough
to reveal the fullness of the truth….

Our second form of social control is DISINFORMATION. Watertight social
control is not merely achieved by withholding any revealing information from the
populace but also by continually issuing false information which appears to be
true. This is a vital element in our successful ownership of the people and has
been a mainstay in OKEYS from the earliest times….

…2) A second level on which the mind-war will operate concerns those who think
that they have an idea of what we do, or who think that they should do so by
right. This involves conspiracy theorists, whistleblowers, ‘truth’-seekers,
activists, ‘peace’-workers, antiwar advocates, ‘freedom’-fighters, UFO
investigation groups, libertarians, anarchists and assorted other dissidents,
agitators and troublemakers. These people must be infiltrated ON A MASSIVE
SCALE in order to dilute their effectiveness. At the earliest opportunity,
our assets must be at the helm of those organizations. Mere covert
infiltration will not be enough in the long-term. We must also completely
control them so that we control both sides. We will be engaging the services
of an overground group with a number of our agents when the time is right.
The program codename under wraps for now is MH/CHAOS. The tracks that we lay
down in these coming years will be among the most strategic gemstones in the
Family Jewels….

…Over the next half-century, it is paramount that the word “terror” is
engraved on every heart as the threat which looms all around them. Once we have
phased-out our program in Vietnam, the public will be wary of us being
immediately involved in any further wars so we will have to be patient and
backpedal for a while. Then, as the century draws to a close, we will change our
focus from South-East Asia to the Middle-East. At that time, our masterwork can
come into play. The purpose everywhere is to dismantle the nation-state under
the guise of “spreading democracy” and create internecine warfare so we can
continuously control the chaos to our own benefit. All the way through this, we
will manage the information to the letter, stringently ensuring that only how we
want people to perceive things will be broadcast.
Eventually, apart from superficial items, the only information that people
receive from public media and government sources will be false…..

This is a term which has often emerged during our “Group R” discussions as a
favorite method of social control. A higher intelligence level — especially when
manifested in probing insight or perception — is one of the greatest threats to
the successful outcome of OKEYS and also to the good stability of a controllable

…In many ways, this subject is related to our points about the New Age
Movement experiment. There we see that the entire movement will be indoctrinated
to turn a blind eye to evil, to deny truth, to filter out and ignore the
negative and become lost in a web of fanciful ideas about “energy”,
“vibrations”, “auras” and “enlightenment” — effectively and literally, to become
stupid. We are dealing here with pure stupefaction. Our agents and assets
regularly report to us about the vogue words among the youth of today. We can
build on this through our assets in the field to create a whole glossary of cult
language. Words such as “vibrations” (or “vibes”) and “energy” or “frequency”
are high on the list.
So, while our New Age Movement experiment will effectively stupefy the
increasing number of those who would be attracted to that kind of lifestyle, we
will also use many other methods to deliberately dumb-down the remaining massmind
of the people. This will render them unable to think in a linear fashion or
to properly handle verbal and written propositions — thus rendering them stupid
and open to every level of our input and control….

It is imperative, during the increasingly chaotic years to come, that we
stringently exercise DIVIDE-AND-RULE tactics. An entity of power only rules
fully when the people are weakened by the debilitating influence of division.
With divide-and-rule policies in place there will be no social cohesion and
therefore no credible opposition to OKEYS….

…The advance of feminism is going to be a lynchpin in our divide-and-rule
strategy in the culture during the next fifty years as increasingly we pit men
14 | P a g e
and women against each other in a global battle of the sexes and thus undermine
the key relationship of the people. To ensure that opposition to OKEYS is kept
in check, it is vital for us to neutralize the masculine “warrior” element in
society. Testosterone is our enemy (in men but not in women). The most efficient
way of doing this is to emasculate the men through the undermining force of a
global feminism which, on the surface, claims to seek equality (therefore
attracting many ordinary women to support it) but in reality it will be
dominating, aggressive and divisive. This will generate a never-ending gender
war which can only work to our advantage….

If we are to properly control this hugely growing, chaotic and ignorant world
population, it is imperative that we bring about a general breakdown in what has
been deemed to be “morality” on a global scale. In other words, DISSOLUTION….

Clearly, people are not going to accept an immediate descent into total
degeneration. Therefore, this has to be another drip-feed operation. Over the
next half-century, the particular areas which we will work on are as follows:
1) The mass distribution of heroin, cocaine and other stupefying substances…

2) The exaltation of lust over fidelity…

3) Degradation in music. This will happen on two levels: the music itself and
the influence of the performers. In order to bring about the necessary level
of global dissolution through music, it must become increasingly decadent and
meaningless. The “meaningless” aspect is crucial if we wish to generate an
overbearing sense of anomie. Not only in popular music but classical also. We
must ensure that great works will no more be written and also ensure that
what is written will be disjointed and heartless, yielding only an
intellectual shell. (The same will be true in the world of art in general,
which we will control and will ensure becomes uninspiring, meaningless,
abstract and decadent)….

4) The triumph of pornography…

5) Desensitization to violence…

6) Computer Gaming…

7) The searing of the human conscience. That part of Man which enables him to
feel sorrow and a sense of remorse must be cauterized at all costs. This will
prove to be the perfect preparation for the dawning of Code Nightfall. The
searing of the conscience will happen naturally as the moral degradation
accelerates across the world….

8) The flourishing of sexual perversion. A further way to accelerate the
dissolution of human morality is to endorse sexual relations with children.
Thus, our already well-established covert pedophilia compromise program must
continue to be encouraged amongst all high-level subjects. In fact, MRY has
personally commended that this is a practice which must continue to
proliferate globally, for the sacrifice of children, the erosion of their
innocence and the snuffing-out of their lives brings great rewards in many

We are continually developing new ways to detect the loyalty of humans to
OKEYS. Helpers and assets among the population must be cultivated en masse…

1) Global positioning devices…

2) Portable telephones…

3) Processing computers…

4) An Intergalactic Computer Network through which every human will be able to
communicate mutually across the world, instantly. The work of our man JCRI at
IPTO for ARPA has laid the foundations for this. He is now guiding things at
IBM and we are working to make this go live within a couple of decades. In
the three decades after that, this will be our main resource for monitoring
everything from everyone….

As a backup to all the methods given above, the ultimate manner of social
control is through engineered catastrophe. We have proven over and over again
that at least 96% even of those who would be tempted to oppose us or, at the
very least investigate us, can be quickly rebonded with OKEYS when faced with a
major national or local catastrophic incident. Engineered catastrophe is a
completely effective last resort of control but it can also be used randomly on
an occasional basis with great efficacy. …

…Engineered catastrophes can be used as a last resort if other methods of
social control fail. But they can also be a kind of “donum superadditum” if we
wish to ratchet up the pressure on the populace to capitulate to our programs.
As this century draws to a close – and especially peaking during the first two
decades of the next century – engineered catastrophe will be ubiquitous as an
integral part of our program…

… there is a certain kind of individual for whom none of our methods of
mind-control or social control will ever be successful. However, this is always
a tiny minority compared with the mass of humans over whom we can rule and who
will do exactly what we want if the right conditions have been prepared. No
matter how much information they think they know about us, it is only ever the
surface they are scratching. In any case, no one will believe a word they say
except those who are as rebellious and feeble-minded as they are.


and finally, on the last page:

This document is part of the forthcoming book,
“Reluctant Angels”, by Alan Morrison.
This work is copyright, © Alan Morrison, 2017.

Oh… it’s  a work of “fiction”.  

Or is it? 

Because, quite literally, it describes our world in infinite detail.  

Something to think about.




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