AI, Block Chain & Bit Coin: What Reality is This?

I’m posting below a series of videos.  This information is the first of it’s kind that I’ve personally seen, that is linking the creation of Bit Coin and Block Chain, with AI.  Now that’s not to say we haven’t heard all sorts of crazy theories about AI over the past couple of years, but this is the first one I’ve heard of that, in my opinion, actually makes sense.

This conversation started on YouTube channel for Jason Goodman:

There are three videos from Jason’s Channel that I am going to post here.  The first is the video that is currently going viral- with Jason’s interview in Las Vegas with Quinn Michaels, who is a programmer and an expert in the areas of blockchain technology, AI and crypto currencies, and two other videos with Jason and Quinn that also get into these subjects, if anyone feels like digging deeper.

But to start you off on this journey, I’m posting another video by On Point Prepardness, which gives an excellent 15 minute summary of some of the most important points that I feel need to be looked at by everyone.  This entire topic is one that needs some serious discussion on, but the question of the recent move by Saudi Arabia to give the AI ‘bot “Sophia” citizenship, the question of the EU looking at legally recognizing “robots” as “electronic persons” and of course the question of taxation- or lets call it what it actually is: theft….. this is a major piece of information that could very well shed some light on the current economic situation across the world.

How?  Because we know that “they” are broke.  That there is zero value left in the system.  The economy since 2008 has been stagnant and it has required all the talking heads in finance and the various agencies and the Federal Reserve to pull out all their slight of hand magic tricks to keep up the illusion that there is “money” in the system and that everything is business as usual.  We’ve watched them since 2012 literally create money out of thin air (yea yea, I know money always is created out of thin air, but I’m talking about LITERALLY creating money out of twisting words and slight of hand tricks that takes this valueless fiat joke to a whole new level!), to the point that the entire commentary on “Global Economics” has been seen, even in the main stream corners, as a complete fairy tale (a la Grimm).

In the scramble to keep up the pretense of “everything is awesome” in the global economy, we’ve watched “them” play at multiple tables to try and use any tool available to “create” money.  From slight of hand illusions by the Fed et al that I mentioned above, to launching massive derivatives scams on the backs of vaccines that have been created to “counter” the man-made “Pandemics”, to on going wars that cost millions yet rake in billions in weapons sales, to black ops running the drug trade (ok, these have been going on for a long time, but you get my drift), to fake trades within the various world stock markets to drive up prices and then deliberately crash them so that “they” can make money off of the fall out, to the creation of various global “treaties” and “agreements” like the Paris Accords that somehow sell the plan that spending 64 billion dollars (to what companies?)(to do what?), can fix “global warming”… the list goes on and on.  These are all in the name of creating some sort of “money” so that they (“They”) can keep up the mirage that global finances are just peachy keen.

I’ve long said that I do not trust BitCoin”.  This is due to the fact that I knew back in 2012 that they were working with the Federal Reserve and the other US Government agencies.  How can a “currency” be truly independent and free from the shackles of global money grubbers if it is working with the actual controllers of monetary policy?


… This doesn’t mean that I don’t think other Cryptocurrencies couldn’t be used to help us all financially- because as I said in the show I did in September with Jeff Gates, a currency is a currency, and it’s what you do WITH it that defines it as “good” or “bad”.  I still feel the same even with all this information that is coming out right now: it is what we DO with this, that will decide on the outcome.

Taxation of Robots?  Giving them SSN’s?  Making them legal citizens?  This opens a WHOLE new level to the “AI” equation!!  But add to that the even bigger question of WHO created Block Chain Technology and Bitcoin…. WOW this just became a WAY WAY bigger rabbit hole to dive into.

I am hoping to do a recorded discussion on this topic in the near future.  There are several aspects and avenues to this subject that are deeply linked to other big questions that we have been discussing for years now.  From “AI”, to “super computers”, to quantum computers, to CERN, to Blockchain, to “money”, to WTAF is going on here…..  to the WTF Effect?  Is this the timeline cross over? The jump to a new reality that happened, perhaps, back in 2013, or even 2015? Is this where Leelu/Leeloo came from? ….

…On yes, I have questions!!

Consider this your homework to get ready for the bigger discussion.





Two other videos that Quinn Michael and Jason Goodman have done that also discuss this topic further: