Transpicuous News: While everyone is watching Las Vegas……

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While the vast majority of the “Aware” people are studying the Video footage from Las Vegas, and analyzing every aspect of the “official story”, and arguing with on social media about “False Flags”, there is a LOT of shit going on that is being ignored….. Funny how that works every time eh?

In Catalonia, an  “Autonomous Community” in Spain, voted in a referendum to re-gain it’s independence from Spain. Not just voted, but overwhelmingly voted with over 90% approving the separation of Catalonia from Spain.

This, of course isn’t the first time a European region has “voted” to separate from the country it’s been tied into:  Venice saw a vote of over 85% of it’s population wanting to separate from Italy back in 2014- which was a HUGE move forward in the various “separatist” movements within Europe. Corsica, Sardinia, Flanders, the Basques, and of course, the Catalans have been consistently and constantly moving towards “Separation” from the “Countries” that are controlling them.  Remember Crimea?  Who separated from the Ukraine and thus began the massive propaganda war of the Ukraine and their US puppets against Russia?

What took place this weekend in Catalonia, the unbelievable brutality of the Guardia Civil (basically, the Spanish Military) who beat up, shot, tear gassed and attacked not only the people trying to vote, but the local police and firemen who were trying to protect the voters, the mass arrests ahead of the Referendum of even the printers who printed the ballots, and the round up of independent media and journalists, political analysts etc that supported the independence of Catalonia…. was astounding!  More so, the silence of the European Union Parliament, when protests and petitions and demands from the Catalans, denouncing the atrocities of the Guardia Civil and actions of the Spanish Government were completely ignored…… was a very loud clarion call of things to come.

This weekend the Catalans completely shut down the economic centre of Spain, when all of Barcelona went on strike, and over 700,000 people took to the streets to demands restitution and a response for the violence that was perpetrated upon the people of Catalonia, but this could be just the tip of the iceberg as 15 minutes ago   “King Felipe VI has attacked the Catalonia independence referendum organisers for their “lack of loyalty to the Spanish government” in an unprecedented televised address to the nation.”  Which has been stated to have spurred now even larger protests.  Already the unofficial numbers of people involved in the protests in Catalonia is well in to the Millions.

But Catalonia wasn’t the only region to have a major Referendum for independence this past week.  Kurdistan ALSO voted to separate its self from the Iraqi Government, and this will now directly involve the US, as America has consistently supported the Iraqi “unity” state against the separation of various nationalities within Iraq.  The Independence Referendum of the Kurds in Iraq will have a far reaching effect, as this will no doubt spread to Turkey and other areas where the Kurdish people are a minority.  This could also re-ignite the Separatist movements in Albania and several other areas into a massive movement for Independence.

…. Do you know WHY Scotland didn’t win the “Independence” Vote back in 2014?  Because of exactly what is happening today.  The voting in Scotland was massively rigged to insure that Scotland didn’t get it’s independence.  And besides all of the monetary and control structure bullshit, what we are seeing right now, is the main reason why it was rigged.

Beyond all of the “Referendums” and the protests that are rolling out along with those movements, a shitload of stuff happened in the US that no one is paying attention to.  Such as:

– 15 Cuban diplomats were kicked out of the US
– US government has seized the Russian Consulate in San Francisco, breaking the locks and entering the premises illegally.
Trump announced that Puerto Rico’s “Debt” needs to be “wiped out” (keeping in mind WHO’s “debt” this really is, who operates out of Puerto Rico, and the fact that it IS under the control and governance of US Congress…..)
-Unredacted Clinton emails to be reviewed in court, despite State Dept. resistance

So when Americans are being cattle prodded continuously into social debates about statues, snowflakes and NFL shit,  and are being continuously barraged by false flag attacks and massive hurricanes to keep people off balance and distracted, please remember to LOOK AROUND YOU and to WATCH WHATS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

Shit is SERIOUSLY weird right now, and it’s only getting weirder every day!


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