Transpicuous News, The Equifax Con: Where’s the Money?

Related imageThe Rules are the Rules, and “They” have to play by them.  So when the Rule’s are cracked open for everyone to see…. they have to do something else to change the game.  The deep secrets of The Treasury Direct Accounts- and all the other accounts based on your “Strawman”, has been cracked opened up for the world to see…..

…that they are empty.  Opps.

Now the “Con” job.  Equifax and the hacks are being used as a spring board to campaign to “get rid of the Social Security ID Numbers”, hence changing the system so that the “Crack” in the system no longer exists.  Thus keeping “Their” dirty secrets secret a bit longer.  (or so they think, lol).

This ties into sooooo much more!  As I said, I was up at 6am and researching old material, looking into Puerto Rico, the IRS, the entire Corporate “government” system and how it runs, the ISO Amendments that show the legal name changes to countries in 2015, the “DUNS” and “EDGAR” listings for corporations (countries), and the similarities between Hurricane Maria In Puerto Rico and Hurricane Sandy in New York in 2012….  There is a LOT of information to re-look at and to review, with a new comprehension as all these pieces of transparency are coming to light.


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