Transpicuous News, Oct 5 2017: Transparency and Distractions


Transparency is being pushed forward in a way that is making things blatantly clear for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.  So many things are taking place at this moment that “they” have to feed the public a continuous diet of distraction to keep even the most blind people from seeing the writing on the wall.


To conclude, I recognize that I’m making a huge call here. I think the way human beings organize their affairs will experience the most significant paradigm level shift we’ve seen in the Western world since the end of the European feudal system hundreds of years ago. That’s how significant I think this shift will be. There are two key things that need to happen for this to occur. The first is technological innovation, and that’s already happening. The second is increased human consciousness. As Thoreau noted, in order for us to have greater self-determination we need to be ready for it. Are we ready? I think we’re getting there.


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