Transpicuous Views: CryptoCurrencies and Blockchain Technology

On this episode of Transpicuous Views I was joined by a good friend Jeff Gates to discuss Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technology.

Stripping away all the propaganda and co-options of the past 7 years or so, since the launch of Bitcoin, we dug into the basics of what this new technology could be, could be used for, and where it could lead.  This is the wild wild west time, the maverick time in the world of Cryptocurrencies.  This is the time of innovation and mass movement forward on a journey that has an unknown final destination. Just how far can this new technology take us?  We really don’t know.  As Ben said last week on the first episode of Common Unity, we are entering a place/time when movement in a brand new direction, creating something entirely new in full responsibility of our actions…. we have literally no “map” to show us just how far or fast we can go!

The Intent of this technology is to UnFuck the bullshit of the Banks et al.  To quote the OMG Cryptocurrency site:

“Designed to enable financial inclusion and disrupt existing institutions, …”

The question is: How much more can be accomplished with UnFuckers using this UnFucking tool?

This is definitely a topic that we will be revisiting and expanding on soon!



Some of the Articles and Videos discussed last night during this episode of Transpicuous views


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