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RTS Earth is the platform for Removing the Shackles, Transpicuous News, Assentio Mentium and several other shows.  Most of our articles and video content are openly available to anyone to enjoy. 

RTS is also home to UnFuckers Unite, our private community group.  If you’d like to join the craziness, take part in the discussions, and be in the Live Shows audience, you can register HERE

Private membership is $5 cdn a month, or $50 cdn a Year.  

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Please hang in there with us as we work on rebuilding the site after the server implosion in December.  We’re still working through some technical issues, and trying to retrieve all the articles and data that was lost. Things will be moving around and turning on and off for a little while…. we’re working on it! 

The UnFucker's Manifesto

Be Nice, Be Kind, Be Respectful, and Have Fun…

Don’t be a Fucktard

… and Don’t Pee in the Pool!

All of our Shows are broadcast publicly on the Live Stream page on RTS Earth, using Zoom and Youtube.  Members can be part of our live audience in the Zoom conference room, to take part in the chat and be involved in the discussions.  

Recent Shows & Articles

UnFuckIt Discussion: March 21 2018

  Last night’s UnFuckIt discussion was seriously awesome and fast paced.  From discussing the WOO of WTF is going on right now, to how to build community, to personal boundaries,…

Common Unity, March 15th 2018

  Last night’s Common Unity Show, with Ben Grose and Dani Arnold McKenny.  We launched into what has been and most likely will continue to be an ongoing conversation about…

UnFuckIt Discussion: March 11 2018

  Last nights UnFuckIt Discussion went all over the place, from discussing the latest “3 Amigos” video with Clif High, Mount Gox’s market manipulation, the coming of “The Event”- QHHT…